Nourishment is the only thing that should count when considering the food you eat. It is your duty towards your body that it should be thoroughly nourished with a supply of new fresh material to replace the worn-out and discarded material. Overeating is not nourishment, it is the cause of many troubles today. The body cannot absorb large quantity of food, and nature cannot eliminate the poisons absorbed into the body through overeating; these poisons becomes encumbrances which lodge in any cavity that nature can find.

The organs of excretion are these: the lungs through exhalation, the skin through evaporation, and the kidneys by secreting the uric acid, the bowels by elimination of waste, if any of these is impaired, your body suffers. Overeating is sometimes the cause of disease. People eat so much that their digestive organs are unable to cope with the food and consequently in the stomach there is an undigested mass of putrefaction, which cannot be absorbed by the body, it clogs up the various glands of the stomach, and a great deal of energy is required to expel the excess amount of matter. as a result the, the digestive organs give up in disgust. Often, it is advisable for people to have a rest from eating for a few days and take fruit juices and vegetable juices for 3 days and then for a while go in for a diet of fruit and milk.

Fruits has the effect of cleansing out the cell structure. Raw


vegetables and salads has the effect of cleansing the intestines, and juices are easily digested and absorbed. Fruit and milk diet has cured more people of troubles than any other diet known. Fruit has the power of eliminating from the milk the catarrhal effect that it sometimes has on some people, and it reduces the action of the protein. The acids of the fruit act upon the nitrogenous substance of the milk and make it absorbed more easily into the body. Sour milk is excellent for sour stomach. Milk diluted with grapefruit juice, or any of the citric juices has a curdling effect on the milk and affects the stomach in a wonderful way by regenerating the mucous lining.


Your nourishment is obtained from the proper mastication of your food. Eat the plainest foods possible, encourage your taste for simple foods and keep away from rich pastry and the expensive triumphs of the wonderful cook-shops. These are only palate-tickler, such kinds of foods have little or no nutriment in them. Some people live to eat, my advise is eat to live. People who live to eat are gluttonous, overweight, they overburden their bodies. Overeating is a vicious habit, deadly to both body and soul.

When people grow older, they do not require half the amount of food that they require when younger, overeating often affect the heart. Heart troubles are very common among wealthy people due to their lavish eating habits. If you are a victim of a heart trouble due to your expensive eating habit, and needs a cure, then, put yourself on a diet of only fruits and vegetable juices for five days, to be followed by a fruit and milk diet for three weeks, you will be completely cured of your heart troubles, try it, it works wonders!. Go on a light diet for three months.


In most heart cases, experience has shown that decreasing the diet and eating simple foods relieves the supposed heart disease; in fact, the troubleĀ  often is nothing more than a dilated stomach pressing against the walls of the heart and setting up a nervous reaction affecting the smooth running of that wonderful organ.