Importance Of Water For Life

We have stressed the importance of drinking water in our previous post, however there is the need to further emphasize on it. Why should  I drink water? I do not feel thirsty. Well, if I may say to you , the cause of your not feeling thirsty is the fact that you have put off nature’s demand for so long that nature demands no more. You have refused to hear nature’s call. It is astounding to see so many people who hardly drink water whatsoever, and some even think it is not good for them. Seventy five percent of your body is made up of water. Water can be mixed with fruit or vegetable juices.

There is a large amount of fluid that passes through your skin in invisible evaporation daily. Also, nearly half a gallon of water is required to digest your food alone. A large percentage of people are sick because their bodies lack the necessary fluids. Just as the plants dies from the want of water, so are many people doing the same thing, slowly die from the want of fluids. Coffee or tea are not healthy fluids.

If I were to drink a cup of distilled water, it would attract every particle of waste matter it can hold. If I put tea and sugar into that fluid, it hold no value for me. The fluid is so filled already with waste matter that it cannot cleanse, but leaves further deposits in the body. If you deprive yourself of the pure life-giving fluid, you suffer the consequences and wonder why. Give your body the amount of fluid it requires daily.

Our sweat, is loaded with many waste products, refuse, and filth of the body system, if these waste matter is allowed to remain in the body, it serves as a breeding and feeding ground for germs and microbes. Without the necessary amount of water, the glands of the skin become clogged and dry and do not function.

The skin is an excretory organ. The waste in the body is carried to the skin. Blood vessels surround these little glands and absorb the waste  and throw it out through the pores of the skin by means of perspiration. Out of eight pounds of waste in the body, five pounds are evaporated through the skin.. Suppose the glands becomes clogged and the pores becomes blocked, then, the skin becomes dry and poisons are circulated back again into the blood.

The kidneys are the next organs of elimination and they try to eliminate poisons, however, they can only do a certain amount. Anybody with kidney failure will have an inactive skin, which is usually as a result of lack of sufficient amount of clean fluid in the system. Without enough water in the system, the skin is unable to function and throw an extra amount of work on the kidneys. This is why so many people suffer from kidney troubles.

A normal adult excretes every twenty four hours about two pints of water through the skin, about two quarts through urination, about one pint through the excretory process of the bowels, and about one and a half pint through the lungs by exhalation.

Water is needed for a number of purposes. It regulates the combustion in the cell tissue and gets it under control. Cells in the body die from lack of water and are left to stagnate and create growths, tumors, and cancer- a conglomeration of dead cells, taking upon itself its own growth independent of the real life of the body in general.

Water is also used in the body as the common carrier. It is the basis of your blood, which flows through the arteries and veins, carrying food to various parts of the body. Without fluids, the quantity of blood must decrease, and consequently your body must suffer. It is necessary for the digestion of your food. The glands have to be replenished with fresh juices, the nervous system requires a conductor which carries the messages to different parts of the body. Without fluids, nature’s works cannot be carried on.

If you deny yourself of water, nature manages to obtain them as best as she can, and sometimes it is necessary for her to extract the moisture from the faeces, that mass of matter lying in the colon waiting excretion. Just imagine the fluids extracted from this matter being circulated through your system to your glands again., and then secreted again for the digestion of your food, and again circulated through your blood. This is how people who do not drink the necessary amount of water, are saturated with filth, diseases, and germs.

Nine-tenths of the causes of chronic constipation arise from the want of water, this can be cured by drinking sufficient clean fluids everyday. Recommendation: Drink a glass of clean warm water on an empty stomach every morning.


Why Do I Crave Junk Food.

Now, ponder on this, Do you like cold water? Many people hate water. Do you know why? Because they have craving for sweets, ale, soda, and soft drinks, or for beer or other forms of alcohol. What a pervasion of nature’s gifts!

Man has to live and foods were created for him, yet, we forget these foods of nature and chose artificial ones, which we call food and drink. No wonder we are victims to all sorts of diseases. For your own particular benefit, give up all these cravings for tobacco, liquor, chewing gum, and foods which are not fit for human consumption. You spoil the natural hunger of the child by replacing it with a craving for sweets, candy, etc.. Why not give fruits and nature’s own food instead of conglomeration of modern civilization?. Allow a child to retain its natural taste.

Natural hunger and thirst express themselves through the nerves of the mouth and throat. The thought or mention of food creates in the mouth a sensation, which causes the salivary glands to eject saliva. The stomach itself does not come into any evidence whatsoever in such circumstances, but with a false-appetite habit, there is a faintness, an emptiness, a gnawing sensation in the region of the stomach; all the characteristics of real hunger have vanished. Cultivate therefore, a natural hunger and return to the natural principles of life.

I know people who breakfast on porridge, a couple of eggs with bacon, toast and coffee, and as if that is not enough, they eat another couple of slices of bread and butter. When the clock strike twelve, they feel empty. This empty and gnawing feeling in the pit of the stomach is a habit and must be eliminated by reducing the diet to a minimum.

All over the world, it has been proved that where people do not get too much to eat, they are healthier. The majority of people are overfed and under nourished, if you want a perfect health, pay attention to this hunger gift of nature and not to your cravings, which you have created.

There is a secret in absorbing the energy out of the food you eat and the water you drink. There is a substance known as vital energy in all natural foods, and when you break up the cells by proper mastication, this force is released, and absorbed into the nervous system. When you masticate natural food properly and drink water slowly, you absorb vital energy. Water should be held in the mouth before swallowing to absorb vital energy into the body.

The food you eat, the air you breath, and the water you drink, are all saturated with this mighty energy. Elements we know of , such as potassium, calcium, fluoride, and silicon are merely superficial compared with this wonderful energy that is within.

The proper method of drinking water is by sipping it slowly, proper breathing is by breathing in tune with the universe(slowly), while proper eating is by masticating the food until it is almost  melts away in your mouth. By following these instructions, you will gain a greater amount of nourishment from the food you eat, the water you drink, and the air you breath. Remember not to gulp your food, and do not eat large quantity of food.