Breathing For Health Exercises.

  • How To Cleanse The Body
  1. Stand erect and inhale a complete natural breath.
  2. Now, hold your breath, clench your fist, contract the muscles of your arms and legs, then let go and exhale slowly.
  • These have the effect of sending the blood from the extremities of the legs and arms to the chest cavity and the exhaling will get rid of a great deal of waste matter. After doing this two three times, you will find a cool, sweet feeling all over your body. This is the result of the cleansing the system, and it is done by a simple method of driving the blood from the extremities into the chest cavities. Immediately you contract your muscles, you drive the blood into the chest cavities and in so doing, the blood is oxygenated.  

How To Cleanse The Blood.  

  • Take a deep breath and at the same time raise up your arms to a horizontal position.
  • Drop your arms by your side loosely.
  • Hold your breath as long as you possibly can and then exhale vigorously through the open mouth.
  • The blood is cleansed by holding the air in the lungs for a considerable time. This gives the opportunity for the blood to be fully oxygenated and give up its waste matter. The vigorous expulsion of the air through the mouth has the effect of cleansing the lungs. You will find your skin becomes moist, with the result that it tends to clear up skin troubles of long standing. You must hold the breath for some considerable time.
  • How To Stimulate The Nervous System.  
  • Stand erect, inhale a deep natural breath, retain air, and with your arms by your side perfectly relaxed, gradually contract the fingers until your fists are clenched.
  • Then, contract the muscles of your arms, followed by your shoulders down your chest to your back muscles, down your legs to your feet.
  • Gradually relax your fingers, arms, chest, back, legs, and exhale.
  • You will discover that your nervous system will be vitalized. This exercise stimulates the nervous system and your nerves become like steel.

Nose Versus Mouth Breathing.

Many people ask, why should we breath through the nose and not through the mouth?. Nine out of every ten people today are ignorant about this. Children who are allowed to breath in this manner(through the mouth) grow up with an impaired system and a weakened constitution. Watch the animals: they do not breath through their mouths. Many cases of chest colds are due to mouth breathing and often, these are contracted during the night.

We breath with our mouths open in front of an open window, allowing all the cold air to pass into the lungs without being heated and cleaned by the filter supplied by nature. You have in the nostrils, a protective apparatus or dust catcher which catches the  dust and foreign matter in the air. Not only that, but the air is warmed by the mucous membrane, which is richly supplied with blood, and taken into the lungs at a proper temperature. However,

when you breath through the mouth, all the dirt and grit enters the lungs, and the air passes into the lungs at a low temperature, which is often the origin of chest troubles.

When the air is expelled through the nostrils, the carbon dioxide kills any bacteria, and it takes with it the impurities, which has been gathered from the air during inhaling. When air enters the lungs through the mouth, it is similar to dirty water which naturally clogs the lungs causing an extra amount of energy to be sent to the mucous membrane in the lungs, and this organ sets up a condition of phlegm to get rid of the impurity. This is why some people are continually spitting up phlegm.

By now, you should realize the vital importance of breathing properly-natural deep breath through the nose. If you perform all the above mentioned exercises on daily basis, you will find great benefit from them.

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Most people are concerned about AMD-Age-Related Macular Degeneration, and want to know what to do to keep their eyes healthy and reduce the risk of getting AMD?

*3 Small cloves of garlic


*4 Lemons


*200g of flax seed oil.    *1 Kg of honey


Peel garlic and lemon, blend together and add flax seed oil and honey, mix all very thoroughly and put in a jar. Store in the fridge for one day. Use wooden spoon to take one spoonful three times daily, thirty minutes before meal.

Other Benefits

Averts inflammation.

Get rid of dandruff and skin irritation.

Promote weight loss.


  • Half cup of pure apple juice(Organic)
  • Two tbsp. of freshly squeezed lemon juice(Organic)
  • One tbsp. of ginger juice(Organic)
  • Half tbsp. of sea salt.
  • Half a cup of filtered water(Lukewarm)
  • Combine all in a jug and give it a good stir!
  • Consume one glass on an empty stomach in the morning.
  • Consume two more large glasses with and after your mid-day meal.
  • Drink another two glasses in the evening around 6-7pm.
  • This is for one day treatment and no more.
  • A word of caution.
  • It is always a good idea to consult with your doctor before you drink this or any other recipe, especially if you happen to be allergic, pregnant, diabetic, or any other condition you are not sure about.
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For people 50 and older, eating avocados throughout the rest of the year promotes cardiovascular health and reduces cholesterol.  Here is how to get the most out of this superfood.


DO indulge frequently. Avocados are high in vitamin K, which helps maintain strong bones in older adults. They can also help lower blood pressure and promote weight loss.

Do scout for sales and buy extras when they are cheap. Delay ripening by stashing them in the fridge, or preserve ripe ones by cutting them into halves before coating with lemon or lime juice and freezing in an airtight freezer-safe bag.

DON”T worry about buying organic. Avocados retain very little pesticide residue.

DON”T buy an overripe avocado. Place it in your palm and squeeze gently. Ripe avocado will yield ever so slightly. Hard as a rock? it will eventually ripen on your counter top.

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Organic Protein Powder Review-The Ugly Truth About Their Ingredients.

Organic Protein

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Orgain Organic Protein Powder is a balanced meal and your vital vitamins all in one delicious , filling drink.

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Clean The Lungs

Your lungs are the greatest asset in keeping well. Whenever waste material has been produced and harbored in the body, much of it has been broken down into various gases. This is the main course of bad breathe. This indicates that intestinal putrefaction has taken place and that the other eliminative channels are not carrying off the decomposed food waste as they should. It has been said that the lungs eliminates approximately two pounds of waste matter a day, which is equivalent to that thrown off by the kidneys or bowels.

Keep the lungs passages as free of catarrh as possible by avoiding too many flour products. In fact, avoid all starches, creamed soup and such-like. The lung structure is normally pink in composition, but city air, full of soot and smoke from factories soon turns the lung black. It is time we realize that the lungs must be kept in good healthy condition. This we can do through outdoor exercises in clean air. A man too busy to care for his health is like a mechanic too busy to care for his tools.

Hike or walk daily outside of the city limits or in the hills, clean the tissues with clean air. It is said that automobile exhaust gas hovers close to the ground, or at most, rises only about eight feet. Get above this level and rejuvenate yourself. Many cases of thyroid troubles and goiters vanish simply by moving the patient away from the gaseous automobile center in which he resides.

If troubled with catarrh or expectoration from the lungs, get into the hills often for hiking. Possibly you will have to change your occupation if you are inhaling unhealthy gases. Sleep in a healthy environment. Make certain that your other eliminative organs are working properly.


Onions or any of the onions family has a powerful stimulating effect on the lungs. Drink onion water, garlic or leek water or both from any of the cooked onion family. Drink at times of coughing, soreness or tenderness in lungs. You may add eucalyptus, honey and drink hot.


For extreme coughing, pour honey over some cut-up onions and let stand all night. Drink one teaspoonful of this juice every hour.


Nature has produced a perfect breathing mechanism by the proper use of which health can be restored to many who has been pronounced incurable. Asthma in its worst form has been permanently cured by breathing exercises. Natural methods have been disregarded and injections substituted with disastrous results. These artificial methods do not cure, they only kill. We find that most people who suffer from asthma are either intercostal or clavicular breathers. A contraction of the bronchial tubes is caused by the contracted form of breathing, which is carried subconsciously to the nervous system controlling the action of the lungs. You see an asthmatic person coming along, and he breathes shallowly. Immediately he breathes from the diaphragm, the tension goes. Natural breathing is a cure for asthma. Asthma is more of a nervous than of an organic nature.

In my next post, I will teach you some natural breathing methods/exercises. Keep living healthily.