The 10 Worst Foods For Your Heart

  1. Fast Food Burgers. Fast food burgers contains a lot of “saturated fats-from animals, especially when combined with carbohydrates, appear to have a deleterious effect on heart health, according to a research study”
  2. Processed And Cured Meat. For example, bacon and sausage-can be very high in saturated fat and salt. Sodium is linked to high blood pressure.
  3. Deep Fried Foods. For example, French fries, fried chicken, fried snacks, etc.-they all increase the risk of heart disease.
  4. Candy Is very high in added sugar which contributes to obesity, inflammation, high cholesterol, and diabetes.
  5. Soft Drinks And Sugar Sweetened Juices. The largest source of added sugar(see my other post on this topic), hence it is very dangerous to heart health.
  6. Sugary Cereals. “Eating refined carbohydrates and sugars in the morning is going to produce inflammation and make blood sugar go up and down so you crave more sugar throughout the day” says Druz. Instead she recommends having fruit along with an egg or avocado on whole wheat toast for breakfast.
  7. Cookies And Pastries. Most baked goods that are commercially produced are full of sugar and are likely made with saturated fats. They are very dangerous for heart health.
  8. Margarine. Trans fats are common in margarine that are solid at room temperature which are often marketed as a healthier alternative to butter. If you desire a good heart health, eat little or no margarine.
  9. Meat-lovers Pizza. Pizza ranked second on American Heart Association’s list of “salty six” foods. Others-soups, condiments, and salad dressings. Pizza’s sodium content, as well as its saturated fat, goes way up as you pile on extra cheese and meat based toppings. Limit yourself to one or two slices, and opt for veggie toppings.
  10. Diet Soda. It may be fat free and zero calorie, but it has a dark side. Some studies shows that people who drinks diet soda tend to overcompensate and consume more calories than they otherwise would, while other research suggests that chemicals in diet soda may actually alter gastrointestinal bacteria and make people more prone to gaining weight.
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