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Breathing For Health Exercises.

How To Cleanse The Body Stand erect and inhale a complete natural breath. Now, hold your breath, clench your fist, contract the muscles of your arms and legs, then let go and exhale slowly. These have the effect of sending the blood from the extremities of the legs and arms ...

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FOR BRIGHTER VISSION AND FOCUS Most people are concerned about AMD-Age-Related Macular Degeneration, and want to know what to do to keep their eyes healthy and reduce the risk of getting AMD? *3 Small cloves of garlic *4 Lemons *200g of flax seed oil.    *1 Kg of honey Procedure ...

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For people 50 and older, eating avocados throughout the rest of the year promotes cardiovascular health and reduces cholesterol.  Here is how to get the most out of this superfood.   DO indulge frequently. Avocados are high in vitamin K, which helps maintain strong bones in older adults. They can ...

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Clean The Lungs

Your lungs are the greatest asset in keeping well. Whenever waste material has been produced and harbored in the body, much of it has been broken down into various gases. This is the main course of bad breathe. This indicates that intestinal putrefaction has taken place and that the other ...

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