Carbohydrates.     These are groups of natural combinations containing carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen, which produce energy. Sugar and starch belong to this group. Honey is a natural carbohydrates-natural sugar. One can take plenty of honey where one cannot take plenty of sugar.

The composition of the body is:

Minerals                            6%

Water                                 60%

Protein                                18%

Fats                                        15%

Carbohydrates                     1%

From the above analysis, thus, we see that we have not much need for excess amount of carbohydrates.

Starches. Are found mostly in potatoes, yam, rice, cassava, barley, rye, wheat and all breads and cereals prepared from grain. When exposed to strong heat, the substance is changed in texture and is easily digested. That is why toast is easily digested. People with weak digestion for starches should toast their bread in the oven or toaster.

Sugars. Are the simplest of the heat producers and are easily digested. The natural sugars come from honey, fruits, milk and vegetables. We find that heat is produced in the body when we take sugars. That is why honey is always good for cold. It stimulates heat from the inside, it creates a natural heat, and counteract what we called the phlegmatic condition of the tissue brought about by cold.

Fats. Are the most concentrated heat-producing foods and this heat can be stored in the body for future use. They help a person to combat cold elements. Of course, one must be careful not to eat too much because fats overburden the body and cause flabby weight, but it is necessary to have some fats stored in the body for future use.

The natural fats are derived from dairy products, nuts, vegetables, margarines and oils. We also get plenty of fats from meats, which are considered not too good for the body, especially for the human tissue, but we have been brought up generation after generation to eat meats. Too much meats creates waste matter and disturbances in the body.

Proteins. Are contained in the nitrogenous foods and is the medium for tissue repairs. The body is repaired by nitrogen. Proteins are found in nuts, wheat, cereals, peas, beans, and lentils dairy products breads, meats, fowl and fish. Proteins replenishes tissue waste in the body. When you eat protein materials for a healthy body, you must eat plenty of oxygen and hydrogen-bearing foods and these you get in juicy vegetables and juicy fruits. Fruits taken with meat is very valuable indeed.

Water. Much has already been said about water, which about the most important ingredient for the proper functioning of the body. the most important substances in the body are hydrogen and oxygen, which are needed for the tissue of the body. Water yields energy and can be justly called a food because of its economical upkeep of the body function. Fruits and vegetable juices diluted 50% with water are of great value in curing most troubles and in maintaining natural health. Without water, you cannot live.

I hope that you enjoy reading this post, my next post would deal with: Fried Foods, Caffeine, Fake juices….etc. Thank you.

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