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Foods To Avoid

There is no gainsaying the fact that a wrong lifestyle would create many diseases in our body. Many people have come to death before their time through lack of following natural laws. Wrong eating, Overeating, Starvation, Worry, Negative Emotions, physical exertions, sexual vices, drugs, smoking, drinking alcohol, or any other destructive habit, if carried too far, will lessen the resistance of the body, creating disease.

One of the most prevalent troubles among most people today is constipation. The cause of that trouble is insufficient exercise. People in sedentary occupations do not move about enough and the peristaltic action of the bowel is slowed down by people eating too much acid-forming foods

The worst foods for creating constipation are: white bread, clogging stodgy puddings, too much meat, fried foods, and stale cheese. Any high protein-value foods if taken too much, will create acidity in the system and retard the action of the muscles around the colon because of the acid circulating into the muscular tissue.

The reason why white flour products and other unnatural foods cause constipation is because such foods have no inherent power, decompose quickly, and cannot hold fluids, becoming a dry, clogging substance adhering to the walls of the stomach bowel. On the other hand, natural fruits and vegetables maintains a moist condition, have inherent power, and create peristaltic action by their bulky substance.

It has been proved that many of the crimes committed today could be eliminated if people will live a natural life. The poisons created by living unnatural live irritate the nerves and glands and leads to undue nervous irritability which creates a form of insanity, producing crime and unbalanced minds. I have seen cases where people suffering from an unbalanced mind recover very quickly when fed on natural foods. The reason for this is quite obvious, the blood becomes pure, and toxic conditions, which created the inflammation in the brain cells, are expelled. This irritation having being eliminated, the mind naturally tends to assert itself.

Therefore, try as much as possible to avoid these foods:

  1. Acid forming and clogging foods_white bread, puddings, too much meat.
  2. Fried foods-fish, meat, chicken, chips, and all fry’s
  3. Carbonated and caffeinated drinks
  4. Sugary drinks-Flavored sugar water that many marketers called fruit juices.
  5. Rich fast pastry foods are junks.
  6. Starchy foods
  7. Flour products
  8. Other unnatural foods.