Prevention of diseases is one of the most important subjects affecting the human race. Foods can be used instead of medicines. All natural foods have chemical properties which are beneficial to the human system, and some foods are extremely powerful in curing disease and preventing sickness. Other foods are beneficial in aiding the recovery of convalescents.

The chemicals which are found in these foods are altogether of a different nature from chemicals which are supplied in medicines. The chemical in foods are highly vitalized by the sun and are naturally powerful. Chemicals supplied in medicines have not the power of elimination that these vitalized chemicals have. There is hardly a medicine in any pharmacy’s shop that cannot be supplied in one or another articles of foods, and even  when you take foods having these chemicals, you do three things:

1. Build up strong healthy tissue.

2. Get vitality at the same time.

3. Counteract the disease by the highly vitalized chemical elements, which are absorbed into the body.

Therefore, by taking medicines, you do not vitalize the body, neither can you absorb the inorganic substance into the system, and energy is wasted in expelling it. This is the basic advantage of eating natural foods to heal and prevent diseases.

In my next post, I would suggests some natural foods for healing some disaeses. I hope this is helpful. Please leave your comments, observations, and questions below, see you soon.

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